Propulsion Engine(High Speed)

Propulsion Engine(High Speed)

Marine and industrial diesel engines are tougher and more powerful than their automobile counterparts.

Yanmar produces and sells industrial diesel engines for a range of marine, agricultural and construction applications. The difference between these engines and the ones used in automobiles becomes clear when you consider diverse ways in which they are used. Industrial engines toil under the punishing conditions of widely variable loads and high-load continuous operation, a far cry from the well maintained roadways that most automobile diesels use, all the while maintaining durability, serviceability and start-up performance the envy of their automobile brethren. A glance at the graphs below shows that marine engines also operate at higher revs and under greater loads than automobile diesels.

All reasons why we can safely say that marine diesels are tougher and stronger than automobile diesels.

Propulsion diesel engines – Commercial series:

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